My first blog post

My first post per say should be an introduction to my work, my world, my passion and myself (although you’ve already learned a bit about me, if you’ve checked my main page ). So here I start.

I was born in Moscow city -- which is the capital of Russia, several decades ago -- not to emphasize my calendar age. I was the only child in the family, deeply loved, adored and spoiled to the extent which Soviet Union Regime could allow. I was a center of attention to my parents, extended family, friends and neighbors. This all probably gave a good soil to my passion for fashion ( sounds cute -- right ), passion for modeling and desire to be a center and to be known. Not to give a deep dive into psychology, we’ll keep it as is.

I moved to the USA in 2007 and had a happy content life working as a scientist. I became sort of famous in a closed research community, published several first-author-research-papers, participated in a world--wide meetings and even presented a couple of oral talks on the topic. After 10 years in academia I joined one still deeply-loved-with-all-my-heart private startup company and my life had changed dramatically. One of a sudden I realized that I lost that creativity component which I used to have in academia work environment and that caused me to search for an alternative source of art to nourish my creative nature.

That’s where photography and modeling came in rescue. Of note, I’ve always been interested in fashion, style and design and over the years accumulated a large collection of various clothing items in my wardrobe. I liked to combine different pieces together, support them with jewelry and accessories and create interesting outfit combinations. Modeling had happened to serve as a nice tool to present those creatures to the public. I enjoyed the whole process from generating ideas (or supporting photographer’s ideas) to arranging the outfits, to modeling at the photoshoots and of course to enjoying the very end-products – amazing photographs!

That is where I am now, not to mention that I decided to start my website to express another creativity passion -- writing. I hope you will join me in this path and would like to read and maybe learn something new from my blogs. I will try to make them as useful, as fun and creative.

Sincerely Yours,

____ Aniastasia.

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